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Bottom financial quintile admission target

Bottom financial quintile student success

Low-income student support

Local start-up assistance

Programmes for services accesst

Campus food waste tracking

Student food insecurity and hunger

Students and staff hunger interventions

Sustainable food choices on campus

Healthy and affordable food choices

Access to food security knowledge

Events for local farmers and food producers

University access to local farmers and food producers

Sustainable food purchases

Total Volume of Water used

Sewage Treatment Plant

Process to Prevent Polluted Water Entering into fresh Water

Drinking Water Facilities

Building Standards for Minimization of Waster Use

Drought Tolerant Plants

Policy on Water Reuse

Measure for Reuse of Water in the Campus

Courses Offered related to Water Management

Conscious Water Usage

Water Conservation- Off Campus

Sustainable water extraction technologies

Measures on Water Security

Up-gradation of buildings leading to energy-efficiency

Carbon reduction and emission reduction process

Plan to reduce energy consumption

Energy wastage identification

Energy usage per sqm

Energy and the community

Relationships with regional NGOs and government for SDG policy

Cross sectoral dialogue about SDGs

International collaboration data gathering for SDG

Collaboration for SDG best practice

Collaboration with NGOs for SDGs

SDG1 Report

SDG2 Report

SDG6 Report

SDG7 Report

SDG17 Report

Education for SDGs commitment to meaningful education

Education for SDGS: specific courses on sustainability

Education for SDGs in the wider community

M.Tech. Environmental Engineering AR16 Curriculum & Syllabus

Civil Engineering AR16 Curriculum

Electrical and Electronics Engineering AR16 Curriculum

Electronics and Communication Engineering AR16 Curriculum

Mechanical Engineering AR16 Curriculum

Computer Science and Engineering AR16 Curriculum

Chemical Engineering AR16 Curriculum

Information Technology AR16 Curriculum