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Total volume of water used in GMRIT

Wastewater treatment

Preventing water system pollution

Free drinking water facilities provided

Building Standards for Minimization of Waster Use

Water-conscious planting

Water reuse policy

Water reuse measurement

Water management educational opportunities

Promoting conscious water usage

Off-campus water conservation support

Sustainable water extraction on campus

Cooperation on water security

Green Buildings Policy

Carbon reduction and emission reduction process

Plan to reduce energy consumption

Energy Audit

Local community outreach for energy efficiency

100% renewable energy pledge

Energy efficiency services for industry

Policy development for clean energy technology

Assistance to low-carbon innovation

Public access to buildings

Public access to libraries

Public access to museums

Public access to green spaces

Arts and heritage contribution

Record and preserve cultural heritage

Sustainable practices targets

Promote sustainable commuting

Allow remote working

Affordable housing for employees

Affordable housing for students

Pedestrian priority on campus

Local authority collaboration regarding planning and development

Planning development - new build standards

Building on brownfield sites

Ethical sourcing policy

Policy waste disposal - hazardous materials

Policy waste disposal - landfill policy

Policy for minimisation of plastic use

Policy for minimisation of disposable items

Disposable policy: extensions to services

Waste tracking

Proportion of waste recycled

Amount of waste generated

Amount of waste recycled

Amount of waste sent to landfill

Minimisation policies extended to suppliers

Publication of a sustainability report

Low-carbon energy tracking

Low-carbon energy use

Local education programmes on climate

Climate Action Plan

Co-operative planning for climate change disasters

Commitment to carbon neutral university

Achieve by date

Institute involvement in, or input into, national government or regional Nongovernment organizations SDG policy development

Cross-sectoral dialogue about the SDGs

International collaboration on gathering or measuring data for the SDGs

Best practice on tackling the SDGs

Collaborate with NGOs to tackle the SDGs

Commitment to meaningful education

Dedicated courses that address sustainability

Dedicated outreach educational activities for the wider community

M. Tech. Environmental Engineering

B. Tech. Civil Engineering

B. Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering

B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering

B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

B. Tech. Chemical Engineering

B. Tech. Information Technology

Report on SDG 6

Report ON SDG 7

Report ON SDG 9

Report on SDG 11

Report on SGD 12

Report on SDG 13

Report on SDG 17