Honors and Minors Degree

In line with the new education policy 2020 to enable the students to take up the interdisciplinary courses in the new emerging areas like AI; ML; DS; IOT; Competitive Programming etc., the curriculum at GMRIT provides flexibility enabling the students to register for B. Tech. degree with Honors or B.Tech Degree with Minors by earning additional 20 credits. This will enhance the employability options typically for the core branches in the interdisciplinary areas. He/She shall register Honors/Minors by paying registration fee during the 4th semester provided he/she secures ≥ 8 CGPA clearing all the courses in single attempt till 3rd semester.


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AR 2019 AR 2020


Energy Science & Technology
1 20CHM11 Foundation of Energy Science and Technology CHEM
2 20CHM12 Energy Generation from Waste
3 20CHM13 Energy Storage Systems
4 20CHM14 Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells
Nano Science & Technology
5 20CHM21 Introduction and Characterization of Nano Materials CHEM
6 20CHM22 Carbon Nanostructures and Applications
7 20CHM23 Energy, Environment & Biomedical Nanotechnology
8 20CHM24 Industrial Applications of Nano Technology
Environment Engineering
9 20CEM11 Watershed Management CIVIL
10 20CEM12 Industrial Pollution Control and Engineering
11 20CEM13 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
12 20CEM14 Ecology and Environmental Assessment
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
13 20CSM11 Fundamentals of AI & Machine Learning CSE
14 20CSM12 Feature Engineering for Machine Learning
15 20CSM13 Exploratory Data Analytics
16 20CSM14 Deep Learning
Cyber Security
17 20CSM21 Fundamentals of Security CSE
18 20CSM22 Management of Information Security
19 20CSM23 Cyber Security
20 20CSM24 Cloud Security
Data Science & Analytics
21 20CSM31 Data Cleaning CSE
22 20CSM32 Data Engineering
23 20CSM33 Text Analytics
24 20CSM34 Social Network and Semantic Analysis
Computer Systems Programming
25 20CSM41 Programming Fundamentals CSE
26 20CSM42 Data Structures & Algorithms
27 20CSM43 Fundamentals of Databases
28 20CSM44 Fundamentals of Computer Networks & Operating Systems
Digital IC Design
29 20ECM11 Fundamentals of VLSI Design ECE
30 20ECM12 Digital Design using HDL
31 20ECM13 FPGA Technology
32 20ECM14 Analog and Mixed Signal Design
Industrial Automation
33 20ECM21 Microcontrollers and Interfacing ECE
34 20ECM22 Sensors and Data Acquisition System
35 20ECM23 Fundamentals of Labview
36 20ECM24 Medical Robotics
Communications and Networking
37 20ECM31 Principles of Communications ECE
38 20ECM32 Coding Theory and Practice
39 20ECM33 Ad-hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks
40 20ECM34 Fundamentals of Multimedia Networking
41 20ECM41 Principles of Aerodynamics ECE
42 20ECM42 Aircraft Electrical Systems
43 20ECM43 Aircraft Instrument Systems
44 20ECM44 Aircraft Communication and Navigational Systems
Geographic Information System
45 20ECM51 Sensors and Sensing Technology ECE
46 20ECM52 Geographic Information Systems
47 20ECM53 Digital Image Processing
48 20ECM54 Lidar Systems
Electric Vehicles Technology
49 20EEM11 Introduction to Electric Vehicles Technologies EEE
50 20EEM12 Electrical Drives and Controllers for Electric Vehicles
51 20EEM13 Charging Technology in Electric Vehicles
52 20EEM14 Computer Vision in Electric Vehicles
Smart City Management
53 20EEM21 Fundamentals of Smart City EEE
54 20EEM22 Smart City Infrastructure
55 20EEM23 Computational Methods for Smart City Management
56 20EEM24 Communication Technologies and Mobility for Smart City
Industrial Applications and Control
57 20EEM31 Modelling and Simulations of Industrial Applications EEE
58 20EEM32 Industrial Sensors and Actuators
59 20EEM33 Programmable Logic Controllers
60 20EEM34 Control Design for Industrial Applications

61 20ITM11 Introduction to Cloud Computing IT
62 20ITM12 Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
63 20ITM13 Developing Cloud Native Applications
64 20ITM14 Developing Cloud Apps with Node.js and React
Robotics and Automation
65 20MEM11 Introduction to Robotics MECH
66 20MEM12 Drives and Sensors
67 20MEM13 Control Systems for Robotics
68 20MEM14 Machine Learning for Robotics
Industrial Systems Engineering
69 20MEM21 Industrial Management MECH
70 20MEM22 Fundamentals of Operations Research
71 20MEM23 Enterprise Resource Planning
72 20MEM24 Production Planning and Control