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Best Practices

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

Outcome Based Curriculum Design and Assessment for all the courses addressing various cognitive learning levels (Lower- and Higher- Order Thinking Skills)s along with Open book examination.

Mandatory Summer & Full Semester Internship (FSI) to enhance industry exposure and assessment by Industry Experts.

Mini Projects in the form of Augmented Experiments in all Laboratories to facilitate Project Based Learning (PBL).

Layer Learning (Integrated courses) with a philosophy of providing practical insights along with the theory in some selected courses.

Opportunities for Independent learning through Self-study courses and also through Self-study topics in each of the course units.

Credited Industry Driven Elective Courses and MOOCs.

Internship and Semester Away Programme at reputed Universities abroad.

Term Paper to nurture Research Orientation and Experience.

Credited Courses on Employability Skills/ Co-Curricular & Extra- curricular activities from 3rd Semester to 6th Semester.

Training on Skill Based Courses over and above graduation requirements.

Mandatory courses on Environmental studies and Entrepreneurship Skill Development.

Honours degree with Major or Minor Streams leading to form Career Path in new emerging areas.