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Research Advisory Board

This research advisory board shall continuously mentor and provide a direction for the various faculty research activities in terms of quality research publications, Promotion of fundamental research, Formulation of funded research projects etc., apart from all the monitory and incentive schemes. RAB shall also guide and mentor the institute to establishment the Center of Excellence in the new emerging areas accommodating the research facilities under a single roof enabling and motivating more faculty members to pursue research.

To accomplish this, the Research Advisory Board shall:

  • Mentor the faculty to improve their research proposals writing skills; help explore better funding and publishing opportunities, and help improve overall the quality of research.

  • Advise faculty in collaborative and funded-research programs; advise on fine-tuning their proposals; help with contacts in the Industries/Universities/Institutions/laboratories

  • Advise to implement best practices for superior research culture prevalent in other premiere institutions

  • Support in identifying the new emerging areas to establish the center of excellence in collaboration with industries

Minutes of the Research Advisory Committee: