VLSI and Embedded Systems Design


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has been offering post Graduate program (Master of Technology) in VLSI and Embedded Systems Design (VLSI-ESD) since 2011 for aspiring UG students to fulfill their desire of acquiring higher education. VLSI & Embedded Systems (VLSI-ESD) course is designed to impart knowledge on advanced topics in VLSI and Embedded Systems Design. The course gives an overview of Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems in the present scenario. It also gives an overview about the usage of hardware languages in design and implementation. The course covers wide range of computer-based tools that assist engineers in their design activities. It involves both software and special-purpose hardware. The course provides students with a solid scientific/technical background and research capabilities in the design, development and manufacture of electronic devices and systems used in a wide spectrum of applications. From household appliances to sophisticated satellite communication, from electronic ignition to neural networks and signal processing chips, it integrates academic discipline with project-based engineering applications, classroom learning theory with real world experiences. The curriculum of this course is in pace with the needs of present technological developments and industry. The programme is conducted by well qualified learned faculty as well as experts invited from reputed institutions and industries.


To give students greater breadth and depth of technical knowledge in the areas of VLSI and Embedded Systems Design.
To synthesize and apply the concepts learnt.
To provide experience in team-based engineering VLSI design projects.
The emphasis is on mathematical modelling and the application of quantitative techniques associated with design, optimization, detection, estimation, probability and statistical VLSI signal processing to the design and operation of the embedded systems.

Projects for Assignment Areas

Students can work for their Major Projects in the areas of Signal Processing, DSP, Signal Classification, Image processing and VLSI. Various software tools in the area of DSP, VHDL/VERILOG are being used extensively by the students for their Major Projects. Students can design any electronic hardware using VHDL/VERILOG and can impellent FPGA hardware and validate for proper functioning with functional and timing simulation. The students are motivated to present papers in conferences and journals based on their projects. Students are insisted to refer IEEE papers and choose the problems for their M.Tech projects.

Laboratory Facilities

A full pledged DSP laboratory with 30 user licensed MATLAB with DSP Hardware TMS kits and Electronic Computer Aided Design Laboratory with XLINX VHDL/VERILOG tools with SPARTAN FPGA and CPLD hardware design kits are available. The ECAD laboratory also has 50 user back end VLSI tool using which students can design integrated circuit chip layouts by performing DRC and timing Synthesis. The facilities are extensively used by the students during their academic schedule. Full access to internet and web based resources like e-journals are also available to the students.

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