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Research Projects

OnGoing Projects
S.No. Title of the Project  Funding Agency PI & Co-PI Objectives of the project Cost  (Lakhs)
1 Control Oriented Air-breathing Scramjet Engine Propulsion System Model for TSTO mission ISRO Dr P Bharani Chandra Kumar 1. To develop cfd control oriented scramjet model 17.04
2. To develop low order Matlab model for the scramjet mode
3. To design controller for the scramjet model
4. To validate the designed controller at various operating points
2 Design and Development of a prototype wearable spectacle device to extract text from image documents and converting text to speech for visually challenged DST  Dr V Sreeramamurthy 1. To extract the text from the image documents(Such as scene images, text books, pdf files, notice boards etc…) 34.64
2. To extract the text from moving text
Dr S S Gantayat 3. To convert extracted text to audio using TTS
4. Design and Development of hardware and firmware
Mr B Anil Kumar 5. Integration and validation of the firmware into the prototype of a Wearable Spectacle Device
3 Funds for improvement of S&T (FIST) DST Dr CLVRSV Prasad 1. To study effect nano blended electrolytes on the performance of EDM on various materials 100
2. To perform real-time (MIL, SIL and HIL) experiments and to design fault design fault tolerant systems
Dr P Bharani Chandra Kumar 3. To develop robots for autonomous navigation and monitoring though Image processing, sensing
4 Enhancing the Quality of Life of SC community in Rajam Block (Srikakulam District) of Andhra Pradesh through establishment of a Common Facility Centre for Bamboo Processing DST Dr CLVRSV Prasad 1. To create environment friendly livelihoods with technology intervention 159.54
2. Sensitization and skilling of the targeted SC community in identified region
Dr P Bharani Chandra Kumar 3. To produce novel eco-friendly products with value addition using the available non-timber forest resources (Bamboos)
4. To enable and facilitate enthusiastic SC community entrepreneurs to set up own enterprises and to create employment
Dr PNL Pavani 5. To develop a business model with value chain for sustainability of the project
Completed Projects
S.No. Title of the Project  Funding Agency PI & Co-PI Objectives of the project Cost (Lakhs)
1 Investigation on Cutting Tools With An Array of Nano Films and their Performance Evaluation DST Dr.CLVRSV.Prasad 1. To study the rake face and identify the different zones for locating the micro-grooves on the rake face of the tool 18.3
2. To make an array of grooves by sinker EDM
3. To form tiled coatings of hard and soft materials in the  grooves by HVOF and Sputtering processes.
4.  To test the performance of these tools in the machining of hardened steel.
5. To compare with the commercially available multi-Layered tools.
2 Modeling of salt water in tusion for an effective management of coastalacuifers: A case study of Srikakulam coastal belt in AP DST Dr.G.VenkataRao 1. To assess the behavior of ground water movement over time and space. 18.36
2. To assess the ground water quality.
(Dr A Vijay Kumar) 3. To identify potential vulnerable locations for sea water ingress due to excessive usage.
4. To determine optimum levels of pumping.
5. To map saltwater/ freshwater interface.
6. To suggest strategic options for an effective management of water resources.
3 Ground water modeling for hydro geological characterization of Hazardous substance release sites- A case study of Pydibhimavaram Industrial area, Srikakulam, A.P DST  Dr.G.Venkata Rao 1. To estimate the spatial and temporal distribution of hydraulic heads. 20.44
2. To observe the ground water fluctuations with respect to inflows and outflows.
(Dr A Vijay Kumar) 3. To assess the groundwater quality in terms of water quality parameters.
4. To identify the heavy metals like cadmium, zinc, lead, mercury, arsenic present in the study area.
5. To estimate the nitrates concentration in ground water samples of the selected wells.
6. To find out ground water velocity and direction of flow in the aquifer.
7. To simulate the contaminant transport model using Visual Modflow Flex Premium ver 2012.1
8. To develop decision support model for utilization of ground water.
4 Total Quality Management in Technical Education - A case Study of selected Engineering Colleges in Srikakulam & Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. UGC Dr K.V.S. Prasad 1. To study the present technical education system and the scenario in India and Andhra Pradesh. 2.8
2. To conduct exhaustive Literature Review in the area of quality in higher education in general and quality in engineering institutions in particular.
3. To identify critical factors affecting the quality of technical institutions.
4. To evaluate whether the present quality initiatives have achieved the desired goals and their impact on the quality of technical education in the selected institutions.
5. To suggest suitable measures for improvement in quality of technical education in India in general and study area in particular.
5 Diversity and oriented synthesis of Imidizo pyridine analogues for anti cancer and anti candida studies UGC Dr. D. Tejeswara Rao 1. To Synthesize biologically significant & novel Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivatives that could potentially serve as “leads” for the design of better therapeutic agents for the treatment of many diseases. 3.1
6 A programme to create awareness on Health & Nutrition for woman &child DST Dr. G. Manmadha Rao 1. To find applications of these diverse analogues in medicinal chemistry as chemotherapeutic agents. 17
(Dr M V Nageswarar rao)
7 An Automated Assembly Sequence Planning System to solve Parallel and Linear Assemblies DST-SERB Dr M.V.A.Raju Bhubalendruni 1. Derivatives described above will be evaluated for their antimicrobial and anti-candida activity in vitro against different microbial and candida strains. 21.84
8 Hydro geological characterization and Ground Water Modeling in Kovvada region BRNS Dr B Saktivel & 1. Demarcation of water shed area and fixing of boundary conditions 37.07
2. Preparation of elevation map of the water shed.
Dr Fahimuddin 3. Aquifer mapping through geophysical survey and preparation of 2D & 3D aquifer projection
4. Identification of existing wells in the study area and fixing of R.Ls with M.SL.
(Dr A Vijay Kumar) 5. Rain fall data collection and estimation of surface runoff of the watershed.
6. To assess the groundwater quality in terms of ionic ratios (Na+ /Cl− and Mg2+/Ca2+) which are to be corrected with the degree of sea water intrusion
7. Estimation of Infiltration characteristics of surface soil and properties
8. Spatial and temporal distribution of hydraulic heads
9. Aquifer yield mapping
10. Ground water table fluctuations with reduced levels and inflows and outflows
11. Development of groundwater flow model
12. Ground water velocity and direction of flow in the aquifer
9 Demographic and Health Status Survey in Kovvada Region BRNS Dr D Srinivasa Kumar & 1. To assess the Population Size
2. To assess the Demographic Conditions (Onshore)
 Dr KVS Prasad 3. To assess the Housing Conditions
4. To assess the Infrastructural and Public Amenities Available
5. To assess the Socio-economic Information and health parameters
6. To assess the Employment Facilities
7. To assess the Fertility and Mortality status of people
8. To assess the changes in the life style of the people and dietary habits
9. To assess the incidence/prevalence of health  disease/disorder in the region