Computer Science and Engineering


M.Tech, Computer Science, is a two-year master's degree in engineering that enables students to understand the foundations of Computer Science and Technology, develop problem-solving skills, and continuously explore multidisciplinary concepts. Students at GMRIT benefit from a high academic standard as well as the availability of cutting-edge technologies. This program is supported by a highly accomplished faculty that lays focus on mentorship and research to derive learning outcomes. In addition, GMRIT provides M.Tech students a solid foundation in the most recent trends and technologies in the field of computer science like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Cyber Security, among others.


The objective of this discipline is to train the manpower required to meet the industry needs of the country,
to pursue research in specialized areas, and
to meet the growing needs of engineering colleges for trained faculty in Computer Science and Engineering

Projects for Assignment Areas

Students can work for their Major Projects in the areas of Ttext mining, Web mining, Multimedia Communication, AI and Machine Learning, Mobile ad-hoc Networks & sensor network, Wireless Security, Software & Hardware development for Image Processing, Network protocols for new services, Embedded System, Modeling & Simulation

Laboratory Facilities

PG students have unlimited access to Computer Laboratory with Internet and required software for practical and dissertation work. Laboratory is equipped with latest software required by the students. Excellent Library facility with leading journals in Computer Science & Engineering is available. Most online resources are accessible from computer laboratories and hostels. The department of Computer Science and Engineering has MOUs with IBM for IBM Center of Excellence, Microsoft for Microsoft IT Academy, and with Oracle for Oracle Workforce Development Program, which provide students with opportunity to learn latest tools and technologies developed by these leading companies in the field of computer and Information technology

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